Contractor Safety: Improving More Than Statistics 

“Nobody Gets Hurt” is Imperial Oil Limited's vision, put into place with a comprehensive strategy for safety improvement.
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2009 Steward of Excellence Recipient
Health & Safety Performance

The well servicing business is inherently one of the riskiest in the upstream industry. The physically demanding nature of the work, coupled with irregular schedules, and lengthy periods away from home and family in potentially geographically remote areas, lends itself to high worker turnover.

Contractor Safety: Improving More Than Statistics

This lack of workforce stability has been a challenge for both Imperial Oil and contractor supervisors to instill the “Nobody Gets Hurt” vision that is fundamental to our safety culture.

To realize this vision, Imperial put into place a comprehensive strategy for safety improvement. This strategy was comprised of seven key elements:

  1. Accelerate the communication of Imperial safety values in well servicing
  2. take an aggressive approach to enhance the training of contractors’ managers on the fundamentals of safety management
  3. train contractors’ front line supervisors on safety fundamentals
  4. train the front line supervisors and workers on how to effectively use the safety tools and processes
  5. engage the management of the contractor companies in the improvement process
  6. evaluate the well site supervisors to ensure they have the technical and management skills to effectively manage safety on the work sites
  7. provide a management mentoring program for managers in contract companies.

“The training program content, instruction and follow up testing is excellent,” said Warren Lamb, Vice President, Sure Flow Consulting Services. “The instructors skillfully develop the desire, techniques and communication skills of frontline supervisors to enable them to mentor their workers to create a mindset and safe work habits that will eventually become automatic and help achieve an injury free workplace.”

This comprehensive strategy to improve contractor safety took Imperial’s well servicing operations from the company’s worst to the best upstream safety performer over the period of one year. This was achieved during a time when the well servicing contractor workforce had essentially doubled.


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