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Publications and Statistical Handbook Disclaimer

CAPP Publications and Copyright

Many CAPP publications, such as the CAPP Statistical Handbook, may contain disclaimers, reservations of copyright or other qualifications. It is the responsibility of the users of the document to familiarize themselves with any such conditions.

CAPP Statistical Handbook Disclaimer and Copyright

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers produces its Statistical Handbook as a convenience to its members. The Statistical Handbook is also made available to organizations and others with an interest in the Canadian upstream sector. The contents of the Statistical Handbook are derived from a number of public and industry sources. Some industry data is obtained by survey.

Although CAPP makes efforts to ensure the information in the Statistical Handbook is reasonably complete and accurate, CAPP does not warrant it to be so. CAPP and its member companies shall not be considered as having made any covenant, representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or appropriateness of the information contained in the Statistical Handbook. Use of or reliance on the Statistical Handbook will be at the user's sole risk and CAPP and its member companies shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to such use or reliance regardless of their fault or negligence. The handbook is available online via the CAPP MemberNet and via the Internet for non-members.

The Statistical Handbook is the copyright of CAPP. Recipients of the Statistical Handbook may, however, make use of it as a source for external presentation and other similar purposes without the prior approval of CAPP, written or otherwise, but must refer to the CAPP Statistical Handbook as the source.

CAPP is pleased to respond to inquiries by telephone, e-mail or other forms of communication. The above disclaimer also applies to statistical data and other information provided by CAPP in response to such inquiries.

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CAPP Statistical Handbook

The contents of the Statistical Handbook are derived from a number of public and industry sources.

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