Letter to the Editor, New York Times: Re: No to a New Tar Sands Pipeline 

TO:  Editor, New York Times
RE:  No to a New Tar Sands Pipeline
April 2, 2011

New pipeline capacity to increase crude oil imports from Canada clearly benefits the United States – economically and for energy security.

Canada - already the largest supplier of oil to the United States - will provide more oil in the future, as President Obama noted recently. This creates jobs in the U.S. and replaces imports from less reliable and less friendly countries.

In a recent poll in the U.S., a majority of respondents (80 per cent or higher) gave Canada good marks on human rights, environmental protection, democracy and providing U.S. jobs – more than 340,000 over the next four years. And 79 per cent polled believed pipelines are probably the best way to move oil to markets.

Environmentally, Canada's oil sands are being developed responsibly. Successes include a 39 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per barrel from 1990 to 2008, increased recycled or non-potable water use, reduced surface disturbance and new, game-changing reclamation technology.

New York Times readers deserve the full story on Canada’s oil sands.

Dave Collyer
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Calgary, Alberta, Canada