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CBC: The National - Rebranding the Oil Sands

April 21, 2010

Canada’s oil and gas industry strives to be open in our communications. We welcome the CBC’s considered feedback on our efforts and watched with interest Wendy Mesley’s April 21, 2010 The National story that contrasted the environmental activist and the oil sands industry’s approach to communication. However, the story contained several factual errors – all in the environmental activist materials you broadcast.

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2010 Winter Olympics

February 16, 2010

Canada's oil and gas industry applauds the efforts and achievements of our athletes and the coming together of diverse individuals and nations in Vancouver this winter. We believe in the Olympic Games as a celebration of human competitiveness, camaraderie, innovation and sportsmanship. We do not believe in high-jacking the games in order to drive an agenda. CAPP will gladly address issues with environmental lobby groups after the Olympic Games.


Copenhagen Accord

December 21, 2009

CAPP's commentary and preliminary assessment of The Copenhagen Accord announced December 19, 2009

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CERA Report: Oil Sands Growth

May 20, 2009

CERA's study is an important benchmark of where the industry is today and where it must be tomorrow.

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Maintaining Momentum in B.C.’s Oil and Gas Sector

May 7, 2009

By David Collyer, President, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Responsible development of British Columbia’s crude oil and natural gas resources is extremely important to B.C.’s economic well-being and to its economic recovery. Our industry has a strong track record of responsible development in B.C. We strongly encourage policies that strike a balance between energy development, environmental performance and economic growth.

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National Geographic's Article on Canada's Oil Sands: An Incomplete Perspective

March 10, 2009

Few photographic journals are as influential as National Geographic, due to a reputation that has been built on balanced and objective photojournalism. These qualities were unfortunately not evident in the perspective on the oil sands presented in the March edition this year. We think it is important that a more complete perspective be seen and understood.

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