Guiding Principles for Oil Sands Development 

CAPP's Guiding Principles For Oil Sands Development
Canada's Oil Sands Information Package

Canada's oil sands industry will provide a secure source of energy, reduce its impact on the environment and provide economic benefits to society while developing this globally significant resource. We will achieve this through continuous improvement, by developing new technology and by committing to these guiding principles:

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Oil Sands Documents

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Guiding Principles
for Oil Sands Development

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Detailed Documents

Air Emissions in Canada's Oil Sands

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Water Use in Canada's Oil Sands

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Land Use in Canada's Oil Sands

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Energy, Benefits & Relationships

Oil Sands:
An Important Asset Generating Benefits Across Canada

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Innovation & Technology Stories

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Ontario & Oil Sands

The benefits of oil and natural gas development extend across Canada, including Ontario. Many of the components needed for developing this vast resource – tires, trucks, gauges, valves, pumps and more – are produced in the industrial regions of central Canada. And Alberta’s oil and natural gas industry regularly accesses Ontario’s technology and innovation capabilities. Additionally, the industry employs more than 550,000 Canadians directly and indirectly.

What does oil and natural gas development mean to Ontario’s Economy?
(PDF | 1.8MB | Jul 2013)

Aboriginal Relationships

Oil sands projects are long term. Understanding how Aboriginal peoples traditionally use the land, and their vision for their communities’ economic and social futures, helps guide development and regulation.

Fostering Effective Aboriginal Relationships
(PDF | 696.0KB | Jul 2011)


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