Protecting Our Employees 

Our industry is serious about the safety and training of our employees.

The Issue: Keeping Our Employees Safe

Our work sites can be dangerous places because our people operate heavy, moving equipment and sometimes handle dangerous substances. Industry employees and the many contractors who work closely with our industry can get hurt, or even die if they are inexperienced, untrained or inadequately supervised.

While it’s extremely important for us to protect our people, we’re not keeping our workers as safe as we would like. We can and do aspire to a future where all of our people arrive home safe and sound at the end of each job. Even if “zero harm" to any worker at any time may be difficult to achieve, we believe one injury is one injury too many.

What We’re Doing: Emphasizing Safety by Providing Training and Education

Training Our People

The oil and natural gas industry provides basic safety training so everyone understands common risks and how to reduce them. We ensure that individuals have the experience and training to carry out their work and run programs that provide practical, on-site mentorship from more experienced staff to new employees. We also try to ensure our people are ready for the job every day by helping them manage their fatigue and emphasizing driving safety. And we conduct drug and alcohol testing and treatment to ensure that workers are not impaired on the job.

Bringing Senior Staff to the Field

CAPP member company and service sector senior officers participate in Safety Stand-down Week. This is an opportunity for front-line workers to discuss safety issues directly with executive managers and CEOs.

Providing training

CAPP works closely with ENFORM, an independent organization that issues regular safety alerts to the industry, to develop industry-recommended practices and provide training that guides our workers toward a better and safer workplace.