Innovation & Technology 

New techniques and technology, and innovative ideas are critical to developing oil and gas, and addressing environmental concerns.

The oil and gas industry is Canada’s biggest investor in research and development into new, better ways of protecting the environment.

Innovative Technologies
on Air & Climate Change

Innovative Technologies on Air & Climate Change

Along with improved efficiencies in production, we are using innovations like Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) to help reduce our industry’s GHG emissions.

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Innovation on Water Use

Innovation on Water Use

Technological developments enable us to reduce the amount of water we use, and increase our use of recycled and undrinkable water.

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Innovative Techniques on Reclaiming Land

Innovative Techniques on Reclaiming Land

We are using innovation to help us return the land we use - including reclaiming tailings ponds - to a sustainable landscape.

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Innovative People


Qualified, skilled people in our workforce are vital to our industry’s ability to grow and operate. We find them in our operations, across a wide-range of professions.

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