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Why do you explore for and produce oil and natural gas in Canada?

Energy fuels our lives, and the appetite for energy is growing dramatically. Worldwide, energy consumption is projected to rise 31 per cent by 2035. We’re going to need more energy, in every form available to meet this demand.

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How can I find out more about how gasoline prices are set?

CAPP represents companies that explore for and produce oil and natural gas and most of our members don’t produce gasoline. There are a number of sources outside of CAPP you can check out for more information.  

What does the industry’s economic contribution look like?

Our industry is a strong and important contributor to our national economy. Our industry is the largest single private sector investor in the country, investing over $50 billion in capital projects in 2007 alone. In 2007, our industry contributed an estimated $27 billion to government revenues in the form of royalty payments, bonus payments and income taxes, ensuring that all Canadians benefit from oil and gas development.

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What does the industry’s workforce look like?

Every day, thousands of committed employees across Canada contribute to the growth, creation and development of our industry, making an important contribution to Canada’s economy. The oil sands alone are expected to generate more than five million person-years of employment.

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What new technologies or innovations are being used by the industry?

Our industry is constantly striving to improve on existing technologies, particularly to minimize our environmental impact.

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Where does Canada rank as a global energy producer?

Canada only represents 0.5 per cent of the world’s population, yet it is the third-largest producer of natural gas, the fifth-largest energy producer and the sixth-largest producer of crude oil in the world.  Canada has extensive oil and natural gas resources right across the country.

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