Scam Alert

Beware of people who use CAPP’s name to try to sell you something or buy something from you. Be very careful about giving your financial, banking, or other personal information to people. Check the credentials of anyone before doing business with them.

Scams using CAPP’s name have included someone trying to buy cars or other things saying they work ‘offshore’ for CAPP when in fact they do not. CAPP does not employ offshore workers. CAPP also verifies employment in a formal process that respects privacy laws.

Another scam has involved someone using CAPP’s name and saying they will get a large amount of money if they just send their money to a bank account provided by the scammer.  CAPP does not operate any such schemes. The common theme in scams is to try to get someone to give their financial, banking, or other personal information to someone they do not know who will then steal from them.