MemberNet and Other Member Resources

What is MemberNet?

MemberNet is CAPP’s secure, members-only website. It is open to all employees of member companies. MemberNet serves two primary functions:

1) MemberNet facilitates committee participation
Through MemberNet, you can access documents related to work performed by CAPP executive policy groups, technical committees and working groups. Each committee has its own web page, with links to documents, meeting agendas and packages, as well as announcements, a mandate description and governance contact information. You will automatically receive reminders about meetings for committees that you are a participant on. MemberNet also has advanced document collaboration tools.
 2) MemberNet contains member-only online resources

These resources include key message documents articulating industry’s position on a wide range of timely issues and events, access to the Data Hub (a repository of industry-related data from multiple third-party sources), access to My Energy Library (a repository of shareable energy literacy and energy advocacy communications assets), back issues of the member-only, Context Weekly e-newsletter, and other resources such as PDF copies of both provincial and federal Transportation of Dangerous Good certificates. 

How do I get access?

Any employee of a company that is a member of CAPP you may register for a MemberNet account. Fill out the request form here: