Vice President, Tolls and Tariffs

About Greig

Greig Sproule is the Vice President, Tolls & Tariffs with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Greig is responsible for leading a team that advocates our members’ market access interests for the safe, reliable and cost-effective pipeline transportation for oil and gas throughout North America.  Greig and his team actively participate in pipeline task forces, tolls negotiations, regulatory proceedings and other industry initiatives.

Prior to joining CAPP Greig worked for nearly two decades in the gas pipeline industry with leadership positions in rates, service development, regulatory and collaborative processes, followed by two decades of providing energy regulatory consulting services for a variety of regulatory agency, utility and utility customer clients.  During this period Greig was executive director of the Industrial Gas Consumers Association of Alberta for 8 years. Greig provided consulting services to CAPP for 18 months prior to accepting his current role on November 1, 2020.  Greig has been a Director for several large not-for-profit organizations and holds a certificate from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Greig holds Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Masters of Business Administration (Finance) degrees, both from the University of Calgary.

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