Issues and Perspectives

On this page you will find CAPP's commentary on a number of important issues related to Canada's energy industry.

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Canada has the potential to be a natural-gas powerhouse

The world knows this, and they are simply pleading with Canada to unlock its full potential

Global energy security should be a national imperative

Canada can become a major supplier of natural gas to allies and trading partners in Asia and Europe

Opinion: G7 allies can look to Canada as a significant answer to the world’s energy problems

As the Group of Seven leaders recently gathered in Germany for their summit meetings, climate change and energy security were on the table for discussion.

Opinion: Newfoundland and Labrador’s Offshore Oil Sector in Urgent Need of Assistance

Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil and gas industry is facing some of the biggest challenges it has ever experienced, due to the combination of COVID-19, the related drop in demand for oil and gas and the oil price collapse.

COMMENTARY: NatGas could contribute more to Nova Scotia’s economy – The Chronicle Herald

Paul Barnes of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says Nova Scotia is in a prime position to develop its own stable, domestic supply of natural gas