Membership Benefits

CAPP is the trusted voice for Canada’s oil and natural gas industry: one that initiates change and responds to issues on behalf of its members.

Our member companies have access to the following benefits, services and materials, which they may use to enhance their corporate operations.

Negotiating Partner

  • Official representation by CAPP through negotiations with, and presentations to, governments and other stakeholders on matters related to oil and natural gas;
  • An opportunity to participate in committees to review, analyze and recommend industry policy positions in Canada and the United States;
  • Representation on multi-sector international, federal and provincial consultation bodies.


  • Periodic seminars, workshops and conferences that CAPP sponsors or partners;
  • Promotion opportunities for member companies at the CAPP Energy Symposium, a premier oil and natural gas investment conference that brings together Canadian oil and natural gas producers with investors from around the world.

Industry Research and Publications

  • Access to MemberNet, CAPP’s secure online member network — a secure information warehouse with direct access to committee materials, including industry-relevant updates, reports and presentation materials, as well as online member feedback, consultation and collaboration tools;
  • Regularly emailed member newsletter, with updates on issues and events important to the oil and natural gas industry;
  • Members receive print and/or digital copies of industry-related reports and advocacy materials.

Research and Innovation

  • Access to research information through the Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund (AUPRF) and the British Columbia Oil and Gas Research Innovation Society (BC OGRIS).

Corporate Programs

  • Coverage of federal Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) equivalency certificates, and provincial TDG permits;
  • Opportunity to participate in the Group Benefits Association Plan – a group benefits buying pool.

Communications, Media Relations and Issues Management

  • CAPP CAPP communicates and advocates on behalf of Canada’s oil and natural gas industry, communicating industry’s position with government, business associations, non-government organizations, media, community members and the public;
  • Access to advice from CAPP communications staff, and resources such as key message documents and energy literacy and advocacy infographics, fact sheets and presentations

Membership Sign-Up

Interested in becoming a member of CAPP? We offer associate memberships and producer memberships, and each have a variety of benefits.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us and we will help you with your application process.

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