Energy Supply FAQ

Where does Canada rank as a global energy producer? Find the answers to this and more frequently asked questions.

Why do you explore for and produce oil and natural gas in Canada?

Energy fuels our lives, and the appetite for energy is growing dramatically. Worldwide, energy consumption is projected to rise 27 per cent by 2040. We’re going to need more energy to meet this demand.

How can I find out more about how gasoline prices are set?

CAPP represents companies that explore for and produce oil and natural gas, but has no control over the price of gas. There are a number of sources outside of CAPP you can check out for more information.

What does the industry's economic contribution look like?

Our industry is the single largest private sector investor in the country, investing an estimated $40 billion in capital projects in 2018. The oil and gas industry will pay an estimated $48 billion in provincial and federal taxes between 2019 - 2029. Governments use this economic contribution to help pay for things like health care, education and public infrastructure.

Source: CAPP and CERI

What does the industry's workforce look like?

Right now, our industry accounts for more than 528,000 jobs across Canada, directly and indirectly. Every day, thousands of committed employees across Canada contribute to the growth, creation and development of our industry, making an important contribution to Canada’s economy.