New and significant deposits of natural gas from shale rock were found along Québec's St. Lawrence Lowlands in 2008.

Quick facts

  • 367,000 barrels per day - Québec's refining capacity
  • 400 companies - estimated number of companies from across Québec that directly supply the oil sands with a variety of goods and services
  • $45 billion - will be contributed by the oil and natural gas sector to Québec's economy over the next 10 years*
  • $5 billion - in taxes to the provincial government over the next 10 years as a result of oil and natural gas sector activities across Canada*

Source: Canadian Energy Research Institute

Québec's resources

Québec has enough natural gas to meet its own needs for an estimated 100 years or more, most of it concentrated along the southern flank of the St. Lawrence River in the province's portion of the Utica shale formation. In addition, a significant deposit of oil from shale rock lies beneath Anticosti Island. Both have the potential to be developed to help meet domestic energy needs.

Manufacturing an important part of oil sands industry

The goods, materials and services used to construct and operate oil sands projects come from across Canada. Many of the components that are vital to the industry — such as tires, trucks, gauges, valves, pumps — are produced by the manufacturers in Central Canada. Québec remains a vital part of our industry, providing needed goods, materials and services to construct and operate oil sands projects. In 2012 and 2013, the oil sands sector purchased about $650 million in goods and services from companies located in Québec.