Saskatchewan is Canada's second largest producer of oil. There are continued advancements being made in the development of new, more efficient technologies and reduced impact on the environment.

Quick facts

  •  #2 - in the amount of oil produced among Canadian provinces, accounting for 13 per cent of Canada's oil production
  •  460,000 - barrels per day in oil production in 2016
  •  $622 million - in payments industry made for the use of Saskatchewan's oil and natural gas resources in fiscal 2016/17
  •  $2.8 billion - in industry spending on exploration and development in 2016
  •  1.7 Tcf - remaining marketable natural gas reserves at 2016
  •  900 million - barrels of remaining crude oil reserves at 2016
  •  35,900 - number of producing oil wells in 2016

Saskatchewan's resources

Saskatchewan's oil and natural gas development can be traced back to the 1880s with natural gas drilling near Regina. The first commercial oil well was discovered in Lloydminster in 1943. Saskatchewan has about seven billion barrels of crude oil and about 9.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. To date, over six billion barrels of oil and 7.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas have been produced.

Researching innovative practices

Through Saskatchewan's Petroleum Technology Research Centre, we are working to develop new technologies to produce Saskatchewan's resources more efficiently while lessening impact on the environment. For example, the Centre is doing research on carbon capture and storage – the use of carbon dioxide to improve oil recovery and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.