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Natural gas rig workers

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Why is Natural Gas Important for Canadians?

Natural gas isn’t just methane— it is the molecule that millions of Canadians use every day to heat their homes, cook their food, and even propel their transportation. It is vital to the creation of the clothing we wear, and virtually every plastic we touch. More than that— it supports thousands of Canadians, their families, and communities. 

The natural gas opportunity: Real Canadian stories

In August 2023, CAPP’s communications team travelled throughout British Columbia and interviewed local residents and business owners, discussing the positive impacts of B.C.’s natural gas sector on their professional and personal lives.

This project is an invitation for Canadians to learn more about the Indigenous and local businesses and organizations who work in British Columbia’s upstream natural gas and oil industry. 

Chamber of Commerce CEO explores the oil and gas industry

Kathleen Connolly, CEO of Fort St. John & District Chamber of Commerce discusses the positive influence and impact of the upstream natural gas sector throughout British Columbia.

“We are SO proud to have this industry and these assets in our communities.”

Kathleen reinforces that Canadian oil and gas contributes to the overall economic security and social growth of our country. “This make us an international leader in the work that we do,” she says.

Nanaimo-based business benefits from oil and gas connections

B.C.’s oil and natural gas industry operates across the province and provides thousands of jobs through its broad supply chain network — even supporting a company headquartered on Vancouver Island.

Curt Brown, COO of Industrial Scaffold Services L.P., says, “We’ve been providing scaffolding services, beginning with the pulp and paper industry, since 1989. We also work in commercial developments, hydroelectric and industrial plants, as well as infrastructure projects, with offices across Western Canada. We opened an office in Fort St. John in 2010 to service the growing needs of the oil and gas sector.”

Indigenous business-owner and the Canadian natural gas sector

A local B.C. welding company is proud to provide opportunities to Indigenous people across Canada through their connection to the oil  and natural gas industry.

Ashley Kucher, Co-owner at Dark Arc Welding Inc, values collaborating with the oil and natural gas industry on environmental stewardship.

Bamfield business-owner reflects on his career in the Canadian natural gas industry

The Canadian oil and gas industry has made significant improvements in extracting methods and reducing its environmental footprint, ensuring the future viability of the industry.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the field, Scott Demone, Operations & Development at The Procedure Guy Ltd., says, “Our need for natural gas will continue for a long time, and I think Canadian oil and gas is the way to go.”

Fort St. John business discusses the environment, technology and the energy sector

Ryan Tulloch, Founder and President of ProDelta Projects Inc. discusses how the use of advanced technology can support environmental reclamation and help facilitate the development and operation of projects within the oil and gas industry.

His team uses remote sensing for the monitoring of reclamation activities throughout northern B.C.

“One thing I wish Canadians knew is how much focus is on the environment and safety of people,” says Tulloch.

Environmental reclamation business and natural gas

Jeff Beale, Operations Manager at DWB Consulting Services Ltd. speaks to how reclamation contributes to the life cycle of a sustainable oil and natural gas industry.

Jeff discusses the many levels in which local communities are involved in environmental stewardship and he invites you to see for yourself how the people and communities contribute to ensuring natural gas gets from northern B.C. to the world.

Dawson Creek business-owner champions natural gas

Neal Norman, owner of Reg Norman Trucking in B.C. is a proud advocate of oil and natural gas in Canada. He and his family have been working in the industry for over 60 years, supplying sand and gravel for pipeline companies.

Neal believes that the resource industry is fundamental to Dawson Creek and the entire country for its contribution to economic health and social growth.