Fracking is being done right in Canada

Contributed to The Telegram
Paul Barnes
Manager, Atlantic Canada and Arctic
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
June 27, 2015
I write regarding the letter by Jed Sampson, June 11, titled “Fracking would be disastrous.

Hydraulic fracturing has been used safely in Canada for many decades.

It is our industry’s proven safety record, combined with scientific research, that is more instructive for Newfoundland and Labrador than unsubstantiated claims and rhetoric.

Nova Scotia’s hydraulic fracturing review says “there is currently no evidence of catastrophic threats to public health in the short-to-medium term that would necessitate the banning of hydraulic fracturing outright.”

In fact, the report says that if Nova Scotia decides to develop onshore natural gas, it must make “necessary investments to ensure that proper regulations, modelling, monitoring, management and mitigation measures are established.”

The regulations and practices for doing exactly that are well-established in other Canadian jurisdictions and have resulted in an exemplary safety record of our industry.

Over the past 60 years, more than 215,000 wells have been hydraulically fractured in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan without a demonstrated impact on drinking water, according to the public regulators in these provinces.

This safety record is the result of robust regulations and industry best operating practices, including the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers’ operating practices for hydraulic fracturing.

Considering such evidence should be the basis of any review of hydraulic fracturing. We are encouraged that the review panel in Newfoundland and Labrador, in its assessment, is including regulations and best industry operating practices in jurisdictions that are using hydraulic fracturing.