Oil Sands Producers are Responsible

Contributed to The New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal
Janet Annesley
Vice President of Communications
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
June 02, 2010

Re: "17 trillion reasons to fix tarsands," May 22, 2010

"One key issue, dramatized by the death of over 1,500 ducks, is the tailings ponds -- already so large they cover an area equivalent to the state of Washington and require the world's second-largest dam to prevent leakage into the water system."

Opinion, Stephen Murgatroyd

(May 22, 2010 | www.winnipegfreepress.com)

According to Stephen Murgatroyd, Canada has 184,827 square kilometres of tailings ponds - an area the size of Washington State. The real answer is closer to 170 square kilometres, an area big enough not to need extra "spin" to make it interesting.

In contrast, oil sands producers are under no illusion about the scale and scope of our performance or communication challenges. We want to ensure oil sands development moves forward in a manner consistent with the expectations of most Canadians - improving environmental performance, contributing to economic prosperity for all Canadians and providing secure and reliable energy supplies.

Telegraph-Journal readers deserve the real story and an informed, constructive dialogue about oil sands. Take a closer look.


Vice President, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Calgary, Alta.