CAPP issues statement on Bill C-69

June 21, 2019 - Calgary, Alberta

On June 20 the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-69, the environmental assessment bill by a vote of 57-37. CAPP has issued the following statement:

“CAPP is very disappointed that the federal government has chosen to ignore the strong feedback from Canadians and push through Bill C-69 without the full suite of amendments initially approved by the Senate. This Bill was opposed by Indigenous organizations and some of Canada’s largest industries that employ hundreds of thousands of Canadians. It was opposed by individuals across the country who wrote thousands of letters to senators and members of parliament, and engaged in senate hearings. In addition, the governments of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories all voiced their opposition to Bill C-69.
The unprecedented number of amendments the Senate recommended to the bill, over 200 initially, and the waves of adamant opposition from all corners of the country, are clear signs that Bill C-69 is a poor piece of legislation that will harm Canada and cost jobs. Notably, those most in favour of this bill are foreign funded activists intent on land locking Canadian resources. We need to rebuild Canada’s reputation as a place that welcomes international trade and investment. Instead, Bill C-69 creates ambiguity and uncertainty around future nation-building projects which will drive investment out of Canada and prevent provinces from prospering through the development of their valuable natural resources.” 
- Tim McMillan, President and CEO - CAPP