ENGO Anti-Oil Sands Activity

September 30, 2009 - Calgary, Alberta


Various ENGO's are protesting oil sands development. Greenpeace has protested at oil sands facilities in Alberta.

The US Climate Action Network and the Natural Resources Defense Council held a press teleconference on the Canadian oil sands ahead of the Prime Minister's White House visit in September. The teleconference tried to encourage Congress and the Obama Administration to adopt policies that discourage use of oil sands in the energy supply mix due to alleged environmental failings.

CAPP Position:

  1. The oil and gas industry embraces the importance of environmental protection.
  2. We believe the public expects a constructive and informed dialogue on oil sands that speaks to the broader Canadian national interest in finding a balance that advances environmental, economic, employment and energy needs simultaneously.
  3. While critics of the oil sands certainly have a place in such discussions, we do not believe that theatrical actions by some environmental advocacy groups resonate with the Canadian public or advance informed debate and our common goal of reducing emissions through technological innovation.
  4. This industry is vitally important to the Canadian economy, to Canadian jobs, and also to North American energy security. We believe the public increasingly shares this balanced perspective.
  5. We believe that all petroleum sources, including oil sands, should be evaluated on the basis of full life-cycle emissions. Recent comparison studies of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions by Jacobs Engineering placed oil sands crude firmly in the same range as other sources entering the North American market and as some produced in the United States.