Government of Canada's plan to address financial risks is a step forward

CAPP’s response to Minister Morneau’s announcement on the indemnification for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project
May 16, 2018 - Calgary, Alberta
“Construction of the Trans Mountain expansion project is urgently needed for the growth of Canada’s energy sector, confidence in Canada as a safe and reliable place to do business, and the prosperity of the national economy.

Today’s announcement by the Government of Canada to address the financial risks surrounding the project are acknowledged as a step forward, but they do not yet lead to construction of the pipeline in British Columbia.

Canada’s oil and natural gas producers remains concerned today about the ability of this project to be built.

The ongoing political risk, with the seemingly endless string of challenges from the Government of British Columbia, remains unresolved.

Ottawa needs to do more to clear the path completely for the construction of the Trans Mountain project. 

The political barricades erected need to be lifted for construction to start and finish.

This stalemate has put at risk benefits for all Canadians in the form of royalties, taxes and jobs – in short, economic activity that supports the prosperity and quality of life for every Canadian household.

The Trans Mountain project is no longer about one pipeline, one industry or one province versus another. It is now a question whether Canada is open for business.”

Tim McMillan, President and CEO