Industry Supports Greater Public Understanding of Canadian Natural Gas

March 14, 2011 - Calgary, Alberta

Canadian Natural Gas, an initiative of Canada's natural gas industry - upstream production and processing, pipeline transmission, and downstream distribution - today responded to the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement (BAPE) report, released this week by the Quebec government.

"The natural gas industry respects the public process in Quebec and will work constructively with the Quebec government to build public understanding of the technology and processes used to explore for and develop natural gas. Industry advocates for the application of best practices and efficient and effective regulations across the country to ensure responsible development, consistent with the expectations of Canadians," said Dave Collyer, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

CAPP, the Canadian Gas Association and the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, along with the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance and the Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas, comprise the Canadian Natural Gas Initiative. Together, their members reliably and safely produce, transport and deliver clean, efficient Canadian natural gas to the market for a variety of uses. The initiative aims to raise understanding of the role natural gas can play in achieving our country's energy, environmental and economic objectives.

The Canadian natural gas industry has a long track record of safe and environmentally responsible unconventional natural gas development using hydraulic fracturing in other areas of Canada, experience that can be brought to bear in Quebec.

"We are confident, based on experience in other jurisdictions, that shale gas can be developed safely in Quebec," said Brenda Kenny, president of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association. "Safe shale gas development would provide benefits to Quebecers in terms of jobs and public revenues, and provide consumers in Quebec and beyond with a clean-burning reliable energy solution."

These benefits make natural gas a smart energy choice and a core strategic asset for Quebec and Canada.

"Today, natural gas distribution companies serve approximately 6.2 million customers - homes, businesses and industry that combined represent well over half the population across the country. Natural gas is a significant provider of public revenue, an affordable energy choice, a safe and reliable fuel, and a flexible energy partner for buildings and communities," said Timothy Egan, president and chief executive officer of the Canadian Gas Association.

"The many benefits of natural gas - and new applications in high-emission industries like transportation - underscore the opportunity its development affords to Quebec to make an even more robust and sustainable energy system for the benefit of Quebecers," said Egan.

Canada requires an energy mix that meets the needs of a growing economy and population, while helping to ensure a lower carbon future. Given the benefits of natural gas use in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases, it is a foundational element in our energy supply mix.

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Background Information

Canadian natural gas statistics:

  • Volumes of natural gas produced in 2009 in Canada: 15.2 billion cubic feet/day
  • Canada is the third largest global producer of natural gas
  • Natural gas accounts for approximately 30 per cent of our primary energy consumption.
  • More than half of all Canadian homes are heated by natural gas.
  • Natural gas is an important part of our energy future:
    • It is a clean, safe and reliable fuel,
    • A flexible partner in electricity generation and in transportation, and a complement to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar,
    • It is an abundant and growing resource, with more than 100 years of supply,
    • It is a significant source of employment and government revenue (CERI economic impact of natural gas activity in Canada report projects that over the next 25 years, natural gas will contribute $1.4 trillion to Canada's GDP).
    • It is an affordable energy choice.