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CAPP's commentary on important issues in Canada's energy industry


Letter: The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) would like to formally extend our support to the recently announced initiative to combat foreign interference in Canada’s political systems: CAPP Publication May 9, 2019

In particular, CAPP welcomes the creation of a Security and Intelligence Threats to Elections Task Force (Task Force) to focus on foreign-funded activists’ influence on the electoral process in Canada. Our industry has observed, with concern, the ongoing effects of foreign political interference in Canada and sees this initiative as an important milestone in protecting Canada’s economic, social and environmental interests, as well as our democratic institutions.

Opinion: Unleash the shackles on our energy exports: CAPP - Troy Media, April 10, 2019

Canada can, and should, supply our responsibly produced energy to the rest of the world. Being allowed to do so would allow us to obtain fair value for our natural resources, and help the world meet growing energy demand.

Opinion: Canadian oil and gas industry displacing 'less responsibly produced energy': CAPP - iPOLITICS Feb 19, 2019

By 2040, global energy demand is expected to rise by about 27 per cent, with Asia making up half of the demand growth for natural gas and 80 per cent for oil. Globally, Canada can help reduce emissions in those emerging markets by displacing less responsibly produced energy with our preferred energy products.'


Opinion: Canada's pipeline crisis needs a fix now - the country's entire standard of living is on the line - Financial Post Nov 21, 2018

Dollar cost of oil price 'differential' hits government coffers and affects us all with cuts to public services, health care, and education

COMMENTARY: NatGas could contribute more to Nova Scotia's economy - The Chronicle Herald Oct 26, 2018

Paul Barnes of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says Nova Scotia is in a prime position to develop its own stable, domestic supply of natural gas

HSBC would rather deal with oligarchs than responsible Canadian energy companies - Financial Post August 1, 2018

Opinion: Attempts to stifle Canadian production by restricting financing can have only one effect: countries with lower environmental standards will fill the void.

Opinion: Quebec is making a mistake on fracking and natural gas - Montreal Gazette June 27, 2018

Regulations proposed by the Quebec government earlier this month to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and severely limit development of natural gas are evidence of a troubling form of economic and environmental self-sabotage increasingly evident in Canadian energy policy.

Kinder Morgan controversy signals a bigger problem for Canada's economy- Globe and Mail, April 11

Kinder Morgan’s decision to suspend all non-essential activity and spending related to the Trans Mountain expansion project (TMEP) is a dire issue – for the entire Canadian economy.

With the right leadership, Canada can support world's energy needs- Toronto Sun, April 6

In the competition to become the world's energy supplier of choice, Canada sits on the sidelines.

Tim McMillan: Energy investment could make Canada a world leader- Vancouver Sun, March 15 

Canada is falling behind in the fierce global competition for energy investment — the very investment that spurs the crucial innovation that our growing world needs to produce more energy with less impact.

Letter: Applause for N. L.'s plan for oil and gas development- The Telegram, March 2

As Canada falls behind the global competition to develop energy, it is refreshing and encouraging to see the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador focused on creating oil and natural gas jobs for the people of the province.

Tim McMillan: Pipelines needed to support Canada's economic future- The Province, February 1

The day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood before the nation and declared the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project was in the best interest of all Canadians, was the day our country took control of its energy future.


McMillan: Clouds hang over NDP's climate change plan - Calgary Herald, December 11

We share Alberta’s desire to reduce emissions while protecting jobs and ensuring the competitiveness of the energy sector. However, the government’s model, as presented last week, will be harmful to these goals.

Balanced plan will reduce methane emissions, while preserving jobs- Calgary Herald, November 4

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) has a plan to meet the government’s target of cutting methane emissions by 45 per cent while protecting nearly 7,000 jobs in Alberta – the reasonable, balanced approach that Albertans are looking for.

Canada's oil patch also needs a fiscal update- Globe and Mail, October 25

Since global commodity prices crashed in 2014, more than 125,000 Canadians in the energy sector have been laid off and are looking to Ottawa to enable economic growth and get people back to work.

Canadian oil and gas wanted abroad- The Hill Times, July 5

The world can count on Canada for a lot of things – humility and quiet pride; hospitality and friendliness; intellect; and, perhaps most of all, our constant need to apologize.

Innovation is the real strength of the energy industry; the future is bright- Calgary Herald, July 1

There are many things that make a great nation, and Canada is considered among the greatest. We are majestic and beautiful, we are diverse and multicultural, we are free thinkers and innovators, and we’re blessed with some of the world’s richest natural resources.

Canada needs pipelines built the Canadian way- The Globe and Mail, April 6

Canada needs to build more pipelines. Our oil pipeline network can move four million barrels of crude oil a day from Western Canada. This is too close to the average 3.981 million barrels a day in supply , which will continue to grow.


Canada must look to global markets for oil, natural gas- Winnipeg Free Press, August 25

Canada’s energy ministers wrapped up their meeting Tuesday in Winnipeg and agreed public trust is essential for a future that develops natural resources, creates jobs and transitions to a low-carbon economy.

Opinion: NEB recommendation a milestone for Canada's future- Vancouver Sun, May 23

Canada is a trading nation. Trade has been, and continues to be, a source of Canada’s collective economic success.