Virtual Reality

CAPP VR program overview

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a virtual reality experience is an entire encyclopedia. CAPP is using new, innovative tools to help inform and educate Canadians about the country’s oil and natural gas sector – and virtual reality is among those new tools.

Virtual reality (VR) incorporates video, audio and animation, but goes beyond flat-screen video to create a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience that puts the viewer in the heart of the action. The beauty of VR is how it allows the viewer to be in situations that would normally be inaccessible to ordinary people. Ride along in a gigantic oil sands haul truck, stand on the floor of an active drilling rig, or see the highly coordinated sequence of events during hydraulic fracturing operations.

VR is a tremendous communications tool, providing amazing facts, background information and stunning visuals that add up to a powerful learning experience.

E-mail to request a VR experience at your event.

Click here to experience the oil sands and natural gas virtual reality experiences (to navigate the 360o videos click, and hold, within the video and drag in the direction you would like to view)

Both the natural gas app and the oil sands app can be downloaded for free by clicking the links below.

Note: You will require the CAPP VR cardboard viewer to experience the app version of the tours. Cardboard viewers can be ordered, for free, by emailing

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CAPP Natural Gas

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CAPP Oil Sands VR

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