Canada’s Natural Gas

Natural gas has been part of Canada’s energy mix since 1859 when it was first discovered in New Brunswick. Canada's natural gas resources are located in 11 of our country's provinces and territories, generating billions of dollars in revenue, and providing employment across the country.


What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas was formed millions of years ago when heat and pressure transformed decaying plant and animal matter buried in sedimentary rock layers.

Natural Gas Virtual Tour

Learn how natural gas was created, how it is extracted, shipped and more in our Natural Gas Virtual Reality Tour.

Natural Gas History

The Beginnings

Canada’s natural gas has been a part of our country’s energy mix for almost 160 years. Today, we know that natural gas is a highly valuable resource with many uses – but it wasn’t always so.


The Four Steps

Finding, developing, processing and transporting natural gas involves four main steps: Exploration, Development, Processing and Distribution.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is basically compressed natural gas that can be shipped to distant foreign markets.

Uses for Natural Gas in Canada

Natural gas is the single largest form of energy used in Canadian homes. More than six million Canadians use natural gas to light, heat and cool homes and businesses, to heat water, and for cooking.