CAPP Issues the Following Statement on the Moose Lake Together Summit

January 31, 2020 – Calgary, Alberta

“The Fort McKay First Nation is a key partner for our industry and we’ve developed a strong and successful working relationship over many years. CAPP recognizes the Moose Lake area is ecologically important and culturally significant to the FMFN and our members appreciate the invitation to participate in the Moose Lake Summit. We found the discussions to be constructive and productive.

Most importantly, this Summit demonstrated that the oil and natural gas industry, the FMFN and the Government of Alberta have the common goal to find solutions that create economic opportunity, protect the environment and respect the FMFN’s traditional culture.

We’re pleased with the progress made today and look forward to continuing to move ahead together with the FMFN and the Government of Alberta.”

-Terry Abel, Executive Vice President, Canada Operations and Climate – CAPP

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