CAPP Statement: B.C. Election

October 26, 2020, Calgary, Alberta

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) congratulates Premier Horgan on securing a majority government in British Columbia. We also congratulate new and returning Members of the Legislative Assembly and thank all candidates for their commitment to public service.

As British Columbia looks to economic recovery, it is more important than ever for industry leaders and governments to work together. CAPP is committed to working with the B.C. government on collaborative strategies that will create and sustain jobs for British Columbians and leverage the strengths of B.C.’s energy sector. The province’s resources and tremendous potential for a growing sustainable LNG industry can generate government revenues and help meet global demand for greener energy.

Working together we can create opportunities that will provide benefits for British Columbians and Indigenous communities, while helping the provincial government achieve its economic, social and emissions goals.

-Tim McMillan, President and CEO – CAPP

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