CAPP Statement: Enbridge’s Announcement of the Substantial Completion of the Line 3 Replacement Project to be Operational from October 1st

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is pleased with Enbridge’s announcement of the substantial completion of the Line 3 Replacement Project that will be operational from October 1st. This vital piece of infrastructure will improve access to oil markets in North America, while strengthening Canada’s position as a responsible, affordable and reliable energy provider.

The Enbridge mainline, of which Line 3 is a major backbone component, has served as the principal route for exports of Canadian crude oil to U.S. markets for decades. The United States is a close and important trading partner, and the largest customer for Canadian energy exports. This relationship and working together on energy issues has driven economic growth, innovation and raised standards of living for the people of both countries.

According to the International Energy Agency, global demand for oil is set to reach record levels and will be needed for decades to come. Increased transportation capacity in all directions is needed to reach more Canadians and offer access to new markets. We live in growing world that will need more energy. Canadian energy is a better source for the world and better for Canadians. Our energy industry is a recognized leader in environmental innovation and emissions reduction while being one of the largest employers and economic partners of Indigenous entrepreneurs in the country.

-Tim McMillan, President and CEO, CAPP

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