CAPP Issues Statement in Response to Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) Report on Oil and Natural Gas Industry Lobbying

November 5, 2019 – Calgary, Alberta

It is our job to work with local, provincial and federal governments to find the best way to uphold the high social and environmental standards Canadians expect while encouraging growth and investment in Canada’s oil and natural gas sector.

The oil and natural gas industry supports over a half million jobs across the country and our products are Canada’s top export commodities. CAPP is a national organization with about 135 member and associate member companies. For the vast majority of our members, CAPP is their only voice in Ottawa with the federal government.

In fact, as the main representative for Canada’s oil and natural gas industry we are an important source of information and feedback for the government as they work to develop policies that serve the best interests of Canadians.

Governments seek information from a wide range of voices. For example, the Strathemere Group, a coalition of 14 of Canada’s leading environmental organizations, logged 168 communication reports in the federal lobbyist registry over the past six months. In the same period CAPP registered 40 reports. This is during a time where we saw the passing of both Bill C-69 and Bill C-48, two bills widely opposed by many industries and Indigenous leaders across Canada but strongly supported by environmental activist groups.

The oil and natural gas industry contributes an average of $8 billion in revenues annually to governments in Canada, which enables them to invest deeper into healthcare, education, infrastructure and environmental protection. Our industry benefits all Canadians and CAPP will continue to work with the federal government with the goal of making those benefits even greater.

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