CAPP Statement: the Canadian government’s Emissions Reduction Plan

March 29, 2022, Calgary, Alberta

The federal government’s new Emissions Reduction Plan acknowledges that global demand for natural gas and oil will continue for decades and Canada has a role to play in providing lower emission resources to the world’s energy mix.

Canada’s energy sector should be a key contributor to reducing global emissions while meeting the growing demand for affordable, reliable and trusted natural gas and oil.  One of the largest contributions Canada can make to lowering global greenhouse gas emissions is by exporting Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) to displace the use of coal in the world’s energy mix. At the same time, Canadian producers are global leaders in emissions-reducing technologies, including the advancement of carbon capture.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought the energy security and affordability crisis to the doorsteps of Canadians. This is a crisis brought on by years of energy policies around the globe that are misaligned with the realities of  energy demand leading to an increasing reliance on dictatorships to provide critical energy supplies.

We look forward to the consultation process for the elements of the plan and to supporting Canada’s role in reducing global emissions while enhancing energy security and affordability.

  • Terry Abel, Executive Vice President, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

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