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A global vision for the future of Canadian oil and natural gas

As the world’s population grows, the demand for all forms of energy will increase, including demand for oil and natural gas. CAPP represents an energy industry looking to the future—one that values sustainable development. We want to help create a vision for a thriving Canadian oil and natural gas industry—one that recognizes the significant role our resources can play in a carbon-constrained world. Through innovation and cost-effective clean technology, Canada is poised to become a world-leading sustainable energy supplier. However, for our oil and natural gas to be part of the future energy mix, it’s important we urgently address challenges facing our industry today.

Through these reports, we offer solutions to these challenges. With the help of governments and all Canadians, we can develop effective policies that meet both our environmental and competitiveness goals. There is a place for Canadian oil and natural gas in the global energy mix. But only if we work together so Canada can provide the world the energy it needs tomorrow.

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Oil and natural gas priorities: Putting Canada on the world stage - An energy platform for Canada

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The fifth report in CAPP's economic series: Leveraging opportunities: Diversifying Canada's oil and natural gas markets  CAPP's Economic Series Indigenous Report

CAPP's 2018 Economic Report Three: Competitive Climate Policy: Supporting Investment and Innovation

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