Industry Equalization Steering Committee

Please note that CAPP will no longer host the industry's Equalization Steering Committee web page.

All current and historical information can now be found at Canadian Petroleum Equalization.

The Equalization Steering Committee is made up of volunteer members from across the industry. These volunteers are not necessarily CAPP members and the committee is not mandated by CAPP.

The Canadian crude oil pipeline shipment system does not have the ability to completely separate the various crude oils or condensates that it ships through pipelines. The quality of the crude oil or condensate that enters the pipeline system may be significantly different from the quality when it exits the system. The oil and natural gas industry uses accepted equalization procedures to make up for these quality differences.

The committee's mandate is to establish and govern the equalization process by:

  • Ensuring that the principles of equalization are maintained
  • Ensuring that the data to recalculate the scales are maintained and that the procedures for updating the scales are performed and maintained
  • Ensuring that shipper and pipeline concerns/issues are addressed

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