Contractor Health, Safety and Environment Contract Requirements and Preliminary Information Request

Publication #: 2005-0039

Published: May 2006

Pages: 19 p.

Filed Under: Health & Safety

Checklist to assist members in assessing health, safety and environment pre-qualification requirements for contractors. Identifies specific topics that may be include in the contract document, components of the safety program which can be selected for the project, minimum safety work practices and a form for contractor evaluations.

The appendices are also available separately in a Word document for completion.

Please note: The sole purpose of the contractor assessment questionnaire on this website to provide a standard guide for contractors on the type of information that is likely to be required during contractor assessments. The goal is to simplify and reduce costs while maintaining high standards. Contractors should be aware that this questionnaire is a guide only. It does not mandate nor restrict the information that may be requested about a contractor prior to awarding work. Alternative information or additional information may be requested in accordance with the practices of any individual company.

CAPP is aware that some registries have been created by private interests that in general offer companies a service while seeking fees from those seeking contracts. It is NOT the purpose of the CAPP guide to increase costs to those seeking contracts and CAPP does NOT endorse any registry or any particular contractor assessment process.

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