Fuel Gas Efficiency BMP - Efficient Use of Fuel Gas in Chemical Injection Pumps (Module 5)

Publication #: 2008-1015

Published: May 2008

Pages: 31pg

Author: CETAC-West

Filed Under: Industry Operations

Chemical injection pumps (CIPs) are used throughout the oil and gas industry. Their primary purpose is to inject relatively small amounts of chemicals into process streams to enable the production and processing of petroleum products. CIPs are used to inject de-emulsifiers, solvents, de-salting agents, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, clarifiers, scale inhibitors, hydrate inhibitors, paraffin dewaxers, surfactants, oxygen scavengers, and H2S scavengers into the oil or gas pipeline. In Canada the injection of methanol into the natural gas process to reduce or eliminate hydrates (freezing), which can cause blockage in the pipeline, is also a major application of CIPs.

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