Fuel Gas Efficiency BMP - Efficient Use of Fuel Gas in Desiccant Dehydration (Module 10)

Publication #: 2008-1020

Published: May 2008

Pages: 13pg

Author: CETAC-West

Filed Under: Best Management Practices, Industry Operations

This best management practice is intended to apply to the operation of desiccant dehydrators at fields and plants in the upstream oil and gas industry (UOG). Desiccants employed in such systems include silica gel, activated alumina and molecular sieves. Desiccant dehydrators operate in a cyclic manner alternating between drying and regeneration. The energy necessary to desorbs water from the desiccant is typically supplied by a fired salt bath heater that is used to heat the regeneration gas flow. Energy consumption is therefore impacted by both the operation of the desiccant system and operation of the salt bath heater. This module is confined to the optimization of the desiccant system.

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