H2S Release Rate Assessment and Audit Forms July 2012

Publication #: 2012-0008

Published: Jul 2012

Pages: 51 p.

Filed Under: Emergency Response, Health & Safety, Industry Operations

Before an application to drill a well can be submitted, regulators in Western Canada have mandated the preparation of an H2S release rate. H2S release rates are prepared for drilling, completion and producing operations to determine the following:

  • the emergency planning zone (EPZ) for each operation type,
  • the classification of the well (i.e. critical [special] or non-critical [non-special]),
  • the facility level designation for land-use setback requirements.

This guideline provides a methodology and standard for industry to calculate the potential H2S release rate of a well. Form templates are provided that facilitate the capture of appropriate data for assessment, and are helpful for the audit process.

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