Health & Safety Performance Metrics Reporting Guide

Publication #: 2013-0029

Published: Nov 2013

Pages: 54 p.

Filed Under: Health & Safety

The guide describes how to determine when injuries, illnesses and fatalities are reportable, and how to calculate reportable metrics. The purpose of this Guide is to provide a framework for consistent reporting of health & safety performance metrics for petroleum industry operations managed by a CAPP member company and for benchmarking health & safety performance. These data provide statistical information and are intended to support prevention and improvement activities. These reporting requirements are for occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities affecting employees and contractors. Injuries, illnesses, and/or fatalities occurring in a joint venture, under a member company's operating control, are included. Injuries, illnesses and/or fatalities occurring in downstream oil and natural gas, chemicals, subsidiaries or to partnerships are not included.

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