Small, Portable Oil & Gas Production Facilities: Recommended Solutions for Design and Operation (Safety Guide)

Publication #: 2014-0029

Published: Jul 2014

Pages: 44 p.

Filed Under: Health & Safety, Industry Operations

This guide describes design and operation practices that support safe working conditions at small, portable oil and gas production facilities, often classified as high hazard industrial occupancies. The objective of the guide is to limit the probability that a person in or adjacent to a facility may be exposed to an unacceptable level of risk of injury or illness. This guide is an update of the 1993 CAPP Safety Guidelines and reflects subsequent national and provincial amendments. The new guide is intended to supplement other applicable standards and regulatory codes. It recommends solutions for safe design, operation and maintenance practices for field facilities including worker training and competency. The guide addresses common safety issues and establishes minimum safety standards. There are three main areas of focus: process safety, public safety and occupational health and safety. Owners should assess their own requirements to establish design, operating, maintenance, and work

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