Process Safety Management Regulatory Scan Report

Publication #: 2014-0026

Published: Aug 2014

Pages: 56p.

Filed Under: Best Management Practices, Health & Safety, Policy & Regulatory

The management of process safety is globally recognized as the primary approach for establishing the required level of safe operations required to manage high-hazard processes. This summary was prepared on behalf of the CAPP Process Safety Management (PSM) Committee. The purpose is to provide an overview of process safety regulations and best practices in Canada and around the world. In Canada, many of the regulations required to address process safety management already exist together with responsible regulatory agencies. The key will be identifying the regulatory gaps and overlaps to ensure problem areas are targeted and a cohesive enforcement strategy developed. A joint regulator - industry dialog will be critical to ensure the success of these efforts. There has already been an extensive amount of work done on this subject. This summary leans heavily on the prior work done by a range of organizations and individuals. These are acknowledged throughout this overview. Links to key documents are provided in Appendix B.

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