Guide for the Selection and Use of Flame Resistant Workwear

Publication #: 2014-0005

Published: Dec 2014

Pages: 21 p.

Filed Under: Emergency Response, Health & Safety, Industry Operations

This document is intended to provide guidance for the selection, use and care of flame resistant workwear (FRW) for protection against exposure of individuals to a hydrocarbon flash fire. Each organization must make its own decisions about the degree of protection they require and type of FRW that meets their needs. The guidance provided in this document will help CAPP member companies and other users to make these decisions. The actual period for which protective workwear can offer protection against the flame, varies with the intensity of the flash fire, the fit of the garment and the capabilities of the wearer. For a particular garment this period of protection may vary considerably from one wearer to another. For purposes of this guide, the recommendations included within are for worker protection against a hydrocarbon flash fire of duration of three seconds or less. It is important for users of FRW to acquire a basic knowledge of flash fire hazards and the clothing offering levels

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