Flammable Environments Guideline

Publication #: 2014-0004

Published: Dec 2014

Pages: 19 p.

Filed Under: Emergency Response, Health & Safety, Industry Operations

This document is a guide for CAPP members who are planning and supervising work where there is a need to minimize the hazards of a flammable environment. The content of this guide: Identifies regulatory requirements applicable in a flammable environment Describes a process flowchart for determining action in a (possible) flammable work area. Raises awareness of associated hazards, which may minimize possible flammable exposure risks to workers and processes. Outlines a risk-based approach to ensure that all CAPP member worksites that have a potential of generating a flammable environment are identified and appropriate controls are implemented. Provides on-site work sheet tool (Appendix A) that can be copied and used as documentation forms to assess a worksite task for potential flammable exposure and identify appropriate controls.

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