Pipeline Associated Watercourse Crossings, 3rd Edition

Publication #: 2005-0038

Published: Oct 2005

Pages: 202 p.

Filed Under: Industry Operations

This Guide is a reference document for both industry and Fisheries and Oceans departments in various regions. Based on recently developed DFO Riskmanagement Framwork, the document is a compilation of modern planning considerations, "best practives" pipeline and vehicle watercourse crossing construction techniques, and available environmental protection methods to meet Provincial and Territorial regulatory requirements and minimize associated fisheries habitat impact. The document outlines the present regulatory framework under which pipeline associated watercourse crossings are assessed and construced in Canada. In addition, it suggests measures to assist pipeline companies, governing agencies and contractors during the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of pipeline associated watercourse crossings. The development promotes a consistent approach to pipeline assoicated watercourse crossings throughout Canada and will aid in developing a common understanding among industry, government and other stakeholders.

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