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Canada’s Natural Gas and Oil Industry: Driving Economic Recovery and Environmental Leadership

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Third Party Publications
Worley Parsons – An International Comparison of Environmental Regulation in Leading Oil and Gas Producing Regions

Worley Parsons Canada was commissioned to conduct a study comparing Canada's environmental assessment process with four countries: Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway and the United States.

August, 2014 - 23 Pages

Climate Change Environment & Innovation

Third Party Publications
Clean Fuel Standard Supply and Demand Implications

This report provides an analysis of the potential supply and demand implications for low carbon fuels in Canada resulting from the proposed CFS, to support discussion related to the development of these Federal regulations.

July, 2020 - 49 Pages

Climate Change Environment & Innovation

Fact Sheet
Environmental Innovation – Air

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry works to reduce air emissions associated with our development activities through project design, operational excellence, innovation and technology.

February, 2020 - 2 Pages

Air Climate Change Environment & Innovation

Fact Sheet
Enabling Canada’s Liquefied Natural Gas Industry: Global Emissions Reduction Benefits

Canada has an opportunity to capitalize on the coming growth for LNG and reduce global emissions by displacing coal-fired electricity generation in China, India and Southeast Asia. Canada must look beyond our borders to take a global perspective on emissions reduction.

March, 2019 - 4 Pages

Climate Change Environment & Innovation LNG

Fact Sheet
Environmental Innovation – Land

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is committed to reducing its footprint, reclaiming all land affected by operations and maintaining biodiversity.

January, 2019 - 2 Pages

Climate Change Environment & Innovation Land

Fact Sheet
Managing Methane Emissions for Oil and Natural Gas Development

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry recognizes that climate change is one of the great challenges facing the world. Methane emissions contribute to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). That’s why reducing methane emissions from all sources is an important way to tackle the climate change challenge.

September, 2017 - 2 Pages

Air Climate Change Environment & Innovation

Sour Non-Routine Flaring Guideline

This document outlines the new regulatory approach and comprehensive plan for managing non-routine flaring as developed by the NRFTT, and the process that lead to its development.

November, 2013 - 49 Pages

Climate Change Policy & Regulations

Best Management Practices
Emergency Air Monitoring Best Management Practices

This guide covers general considerations of emergency air monitoring such as the need for a communications process, the different types of air monitoring equipment, and the methodologies for their use.

March, 2014 - 40 Pages

Climate Change Environment & Innovation Health & Safety