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Third Party Publications
Global Energy Pulse

Ipsos conducted research into how the world views the energy industry. This report uses that research to compare countries energy industries across the globe; how they compare to each other and the public's opinion of them.

June, 2017 - 24 Pages

Energy Demand Environment & Innovation Health & Safety

Fact Sheet
Introduction to Natural Gas

Canada has enormous natural gas resources and an industry that is well-regulated, technically advanced, committed to improving environmental performance and is positioned to help meet growing global demand.

February, 2020 - 2 Pages

Energy Demand Natural Gas

Fact Sheet
Introduction to Oil Sands

Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world with 97% of these reserves located in the oil sands. As global energy demand increases, 27% of this demand will be met by oil in 2040, the largest single source of energy. Canada can help meet this need with its abundant natural resources.

April, 2020 - 2 Pages

Energy Demand Oil Sands

Canadian Natural Gas: Demand and Production Forecast Scenario Modelling

Canada’s current natural gas resources, production and markets including domestic and export. Also scenario modelling to demonstrate potential effect of higher export demand.

February, 2020 - 12 Pages

Energy Demand Natural Gas