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Canada’s Natural Gas and Oil Industry: Driving Economic Recovery and Environmental Leadership

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Fact Sheet
Environmental Innovation – Land

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is committed to reducing its footprint, reclaiming all land affected by operations and maintaining biodiversity.

January, 2019 - 2 Pages

Climate Change Environment & Innovation Land

Fact Sheet
Understanding Liability for Oil and Natural Gas Assets in Alberta

Every company that explores for and develops Canada’s oil and natural gas resources is financially responsible for safely managing each well it drills, as well as any associated facilities, this includes all stages of a well’s life cycle.

January, 2020 - 2 Pages

Land Natural Gas Oil

Fact Book
What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Well

This brochure provides general information and an overview of the lifecycle of a typical well, which might be in production for 10 to 40 years. It illustrates activity levels at various stages and demonstrates most activity occurs in the very early stages of development.

June, 2014 - 18 Pages

Land Natural Gas

Fact Book
An Introduction to Oil and Gas Leasing in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

This brochure provides general information about the land leasing process and a list of resources for further information. This is general guide and not a legal document.

June, 2014 - 16 Pages

Land Natural Gas