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Canada’s Natural Gas and Oil Industry: Driving Economic Recovery and Environmental Leadership

CAPP Crude Oil Forecast

2020 CAPP Crude Oil Forecast has been deferred


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Fact Book
Canada’s Natural Gas Fact Book

Canada’s Natural Gas Fact Book was designed to give readers fast, easy access to natural gas facts that allow them to participate in a balanced discussion about energy, the economy and the environment.

December, 2020 - 54 Pages

Energy Demand LNG Natural Gas

Fact Sheet
Natural Gas Development in British Columbia

Developing this crown owned resource requires billions of dollars annually in industry investment to bring natural gas to market, and create economic and social benefits, jobs and affordable energy for British Columbians.

August, 2019 - 3 Pages

Environment & Innovation LNG Natural Gas

Fact Sheet
Enabling Canada’s Liquefied Natural Gas Industry: Global Emissions Reduction Benefits

Canada has an opportunity to capitalize on the coming growth for LNG and reduce global emissions by displacing coal-fired electricity generation in China, India and Southeast Asia. Canada must look beyond our borders to take a global perspective on emissions reduction.

March, 2019 - 4 Pages

Climate Change Environment & Innovation LNG

Fact Sheet
Canada’s Liquefied Natural Gas Opportunity

Significant potential economic benefits from establishing a Canadian LNG industry and resulting natural gas development could be generated across Canada if natural gas projects are established in a timely manner and able to access international markets.

July, 2018 - 2 Pages

Economics LNG Natural Gas

2019 Crude Oil Forecast, Markets and Transportation

This report provides the association’s latest long-term outlook (2019 to 2035) for total Canadian crude oil production and western Canadian crude oil supply, intending to inform discussion and to support a fundamental understanding of oil industry issues.

June, 2019 - 26 pages

Environment & Innovation LNG Natural Gas Oil