Emissions and odours from upstream oil and natural gas production are an important issue to the public, government, non-government organizations and industry.

Responsibility for specific air quality issues, like odour, is shared among stakeholders. Regulatory implementation, licensing, compliance, control and enforcement are managed by existing government agencies.

Sources of odour in Alberta include development associated with industry, agriculture and municipalities. Complaints about odour issues are generally most acute at the interface between new or existing development and residents in both urban and rural settings. Our industry is committed to working with all stakeholders to determine the needs and to best address the concerns of the communities in which we operate.

Odour management is complex. The compounds contributing to odour and sources of odour are diverse and the range of potential adverse effects is varied. Individual odour perception, preferences and sensitivity, as well as the transient nature of odour make it challenging to find reliable methods of assessing it. In order to best manage odours associated with the production of oil and natural gas in Canada, we actively engages with the public, provincial governments and regulators.