Much of our work takes place in and around communities. For many of our member companies, these communities are not only where they operate, but where their people live.

Our members are committed to developing relationships with stakeholders based on transparency, mutual respect and trust. By working together, we can make a positive and lasting impact in the communities in which our member companies do business.

It is our intent that stakeholders feel their community is improved by the oil and natural gas industry being there. Our member companies actively participate in the communities in which they live and work in many ways, including through training and employment, by contributing to the tax base and by providing funding and volunteer support to local charitable and community-based organizations.

As an industry, we strive to improve how we work with communities. This means asking for feedback early and often, seeking to understand concerns, and responding in a timely manner. Because that's what a good neighbour does.


Synergy Alberta

CAPP participates in Synergy Alberta, a non-profit society that supports Alberta synergy groups. It embodies the principle of working together to resolve issues, lessen impacts and encourage the use of best practices in the areas of health, safety and the environment.

Members in Action

Suncor Energy - David Thompson Corridor Visitor Services Program

The David Thompson Corridor Visitor Services Program is a five-year partnership (2009 - 2014) between Suncor Energy and Alberta Parks.Building upon a long-term cooperative relationship between Suncor, its predecessor companies and Crimson Lake Provincial Park, Suncor is providing funding for over five years to benefit a number of program deliverables including:

  • Raising awareness of and fostering stewardship for the parks and protected areas within the David Thompson Corridor
  • Providing opportunities to engage the public in nature-based, hands-on experiential learning
  • Increasing the park staff presence in the David Thompson Corridor
  • Fostering collaborations and partnerships to strengthen the visitor services program and reach common goals

To date, a full-time visitor services program supervisor has been hired, environmental education programs have been provided to regional students, public interpretive programs have been delivered and numerous partnerships in support of Alberta Parks have been established.