CAPP’s Submission on Bill C-48

October 30, 2017

Canada has an outstanding record on marine safety due to its stringent regulatory, monitoring, enforcement regime and good operating practices deployed by industry.

On May 12, 2017, the Government of Canada introduced the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act that seeks to formalize an oil tanker moratorium on British Columbia’s north coast. The moratorium would prohibit oil tankers from loading and carrying more than 12,500 metric tons of crude oil or persistent oil product.

During the brief consultative process undertaken by Transport Canada, CAPP did not support the proposed moratorium because it is not based on science and facts. There were no science-based gaps in safety or environmental protection identified that might justify a moratorium.

Furthermore, there was no risk-based analysis provided to support a moratorium of any length of time (short-term or long term). CAPP’s letter to the Honourable Minister of Transport is attached to our submission.


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